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I’m Terri Bridgettè Hart! Your go-to White Label Website Whiz for SMMA, SEO, Graphic Design, Website Design, Consultant, Advertising/Marketing Freelancers & Agencies.

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Need A Quick Hand?

Hourly/Full Day Rate ($40/$240)

Are there some website building or maintenance tasks that you don’t have time for or just prefer not to do? Virtual assistants can be great for some industries, but when it comes to important assets like your client’s websites it’s best to leave some things to the professionals. That’s where I come in! I love to help other freelancers and agencies to lighten up their workload so that they’ll be able to serve their customers better and bring in more income. 

*A full day consists of 8 hours. To get the day rate price ($80 off), all tasks must be assigned and ready for me to complete within an 8-hour period on the same day.

Setup Plugins

I can setup lots of different plugins and even recommend some of my faves.

Website Migration

I can transfer an already built WordPress website from one host to a new host. 

Setup Woocommerce

I can download and setup Woocomerce including shipping zones, coupons, etc. 

Maintenance & Content Updates

I’m able to do routine maintenance tasks and updates. I can also update content and upload products.

Mobile/Tablet Optimization

I can optimize already finished websites to be easy to navigate on mobile and tablet devices. In today’s world that’s a must!

Design & Development Changes

I can do simple changes to a web page. If you’d like a whole page redesign, contact me for a project rate.

Let Me Clear Your Plate!

Full Website Design & Development

Would you like for me to design and develop the whole website for you? Well, that’s my jam! I love to design and build out complete websites. You’d handle the client interactions and inform me of the direction that you’d like the website to go in and I’d carry it all out.

Alternatively, I can take control of the whole project including client communications, but this would not be considered white label work. I would use my own systems, processes, and work under my own company name, but you would get a 15% referral fee.  


Got Questions? I've Got Answers.

If your question wasn’t answered here, please reach out to me through the email address in the footer below. If you’d like to inquire about some white-label work, please click the “Start A Project” button and fill out the inquiry form. I can’t wait to hear from you!

A white label project is when I work under your brand and essentially act as a ghostwriter. I do the work for your company, but you get the credit. 

In a white label situation, I would have no communication with your client, but you act as the middleman and would give me the website brief and content that I would need in order to complete the project.

If you’d prefer that I handle the complete project from on-boarding, to content gathering, design, development, and off-boarding this would need to be a referral project. 

I would be working under my own brand name and use my own systems and process, but you would get a 15% referral fee for handing the client over to me.

No, I typically do not code. I prefer to build websites in a way that the client can easily update things themselves with a little guidance. Using Elementor and other page builders also allows for faster output and puts an emphasis on beautiful design and smooth  functionally.

With that in mind, if a website needs a simple function or feature that can’t be achieved with Elementor or a plugin, I research the code for it, implement it, and store it in my database to use for future projects. 

I can develop websites if you have already completed the design. Click the “Start A Project” button and fill out the inquiry form so that we can discuss the project.

Yes, I can design webpages and then you can do the development on whatever platform that you would like.

Maintenance is not included in the project price.

If you’d like for me to complete maintenance tasks, that can be billed at my hourly rate.

If I’m working on a white label (contractor) basis, that will largely depend on your process, needs, and individual project scope. 

If you’re referring clients to me and I’m working under my own guidelines, name, and process I strive to complete my 5-page websites design and development within 2-3 weeks.

Before the project start date begins, the client will have up to 30 days to provide me with all of their website content for their websites. They can use as much or as little of this time as they’d like. The whole project timeline will be from 4-7 weeks.

In all of my complete website builds I’m able to include a client maintenance library that features videos, articles and tips that will make maintaining and updating the website a breeze.

No, I don’t provide SEO services. Most people don’t realize that SEO is not a one and done type thing. It requires regular updates and often a $500-$5000 monthly retainer depending on the company.

I do however create SEO friendly websites. That means that I setup the proper SEO plugins, optimize the website for mobile and tablet, boost speed by compressing images, and by using prewritten prompts recommend copy and content that can help the client to rank in Google.

That would depend on your project scope, timeframe and a few other parameters. Please click the “Start A Project” button and tell me more about your project.

My favorite platform to build on is WordPress with Elementor. I’ve also done a couple of projects on Squarespace and Wix.

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