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Past Projects

Here are a few of my favorite websites that I’ve created with some of my amazing clients. Take a sneak peek into what we can do together.

Suzie Q's Corner - Website + Branding
MacBook Pro on the light green-couch near the abstract painting _screencapture-terrih6-sg-host-2022-08-27-21_45_3572
Simply Wella - Website
Samantha Lewis Bookkeeper Tablet Website Mockup
Samantha Lewis Bookkeeper - Website
Munirah Virtual Assistant Blue Website Mockup
Munirah Virtual Assistant - Website
Chateau Niagara Winery - Website
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Save NY Wine - Website + Branding
Doi Da Wine - Website
Blue Bin - Website
Zevorie Studio - Website + Branding

Passion Projects

These are a few websites that I’ve created for fun. I absolutely love to work on passion projects and come up with new briefs that flex my design skills!

Art Of Eden - Website + Branding
Ipad Mockup - Jamie's Daycare72
Jamie's Daycare - Website + Branding

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