Resource Library - Logos

What Makes A Great Logo - Article

This article explains what's involved in designing an amazing logo. Font choice, scale, and details all matter.

Find A Logo Designer - Tool

If you prefer not to d.i.y. your logo, Fiveer is a great place to find an solid and affordable logo designer.

Watch Before Creating A Canva Logo - Video

This video created by a Canva employee explains how to create a logo on the platform without going against their terms.

How To Create A Canva Logo - Video

This quick video shows you how to create a simple logo using Canva. Play around with the features and create one for your brand!

Canva Graphic Design Platform - Tool

If you don't have a free Canva account already, you're definitely going to need one. Click the button below to get a 30 day free Canva Pro trial.

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