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Quick Tips

Here are a few answers to some questions that you may have when maintaining your website.

Once your website project is finished and I transfer you the website, I am no longer responsible for it. My job will be done from that point forward. I will no longer have access to the website from that point forward.

You should backup your website on a weekly basis at least. If you have a website that brings in a large amount of revenue daily (e-commerce websites), it would be safest to back it up daily.

Usually it’s safe to only keep the most recent two backups and to delete the older ones, but it’s up you to decide how many backup versions that you store at any given time.

  • Plugins should be updated every week.
  • Theme updates & WordPress updates should be done when they’re available.

If they aren’t updated on a regular basis, you run the risk of putting your website security in danger. If you’ve never done updates before, follow the video tutorial “Update WordPress, Your Theme, & Plugins” that can be found below. 

ALWAYS make sure to make a backup of your website before updating your plugins, website theme and WordPress itself. It’s not uncommon for updates to have bugs and cause problems with websites. 

To protect your website make sure to update ONE plugin at a time, check your website for problems and then update another until they’re all updated.

Did you recently change your domain name? If so, that’s why the links aren’t working. Click the video tutorial below “Edit Your WP Dashboard” below and you’ll learn where to change the links.

Optional Maintenance Packages


Maintenance Only
$ 50 Monthly
  • Weekly Plugin Updates
  • Testing After Updates
  • Weekly Backups
  • As Needed WordPress & Theme Updates
  • Monthly Reports
  • 1 Hour of Minor Content Edits


Maintenance + Content Edits
$ 100 Monthly
  • Weekly Plugin Updates
  • Testing After Updates
  • Weekly Backups
  • As Needed WordPress & Theme Updates
  • Monthly Reports
  • 1 Hour of Minor Content Edits
Care Plan FAQ's

My Care Packages are designed to take the pressure of maintaining your website off of you. That way you can focus on running your business and doing what you do best. This is a monthly subscription and you can cancel at any time.

I do weekly  security and malware scans and the results are included in your monthly report. These packages do not include an additional layer of security than was included in your original website build. I am not a cyber security expert and I am not responsible for the security of your website.

If there’s a problem, it gets hacked, crashes, or it goes down in someway you’ll need to work with your website host to get everything fixed correctly. I only monitor and give reports.

If you need more content edits or design work done you can email me at I can create a monthly package for your individual needs or I can give you an estimate for a one-off design project.

Minor content edits include:

  • Adding testimonials or case studies
  • Posting a new service
  • Switching photos
  • Adding a Video
  • Updating hours, team members, contact info, etc.
  • Adding a blog post
  • Updating copy
  • Advertising a special


Some of what content edits don’t include:

  • Design changes


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