I'm Terri

Before I created Bridgettè Hart, I was a jewelry designer. I took many business and marketing classes to help me effectively sell my products. 

At the time, I had tried selling my jewelry on many marketplaces, including Etsy, but I could never get any traction. The marketplaces either didn’t get enough traffic or were oversaturated and my products got buried. Plus, it was frustrating to send people to my Etsy, just to have them purchase a similar product from a different shop (ugh).

Then one day I received a special postcard in the mail from one of my courses that informed me that they were gifting me a free web design course! I knew that I needed a website, so I got to work and built my first website immediately. It was pretty generic so over a few months’ time I kept tweaking it until I finally got something that I was in love with (after all, I am extra, lol).  

I saw an immediate boost in traffic and sales because I was way more confident in telling people about my business and sharing my beautiful website. For the first time, I felt that I had a real business! 

That’s how my love for web design started and grew. Family members started to ask if I could build websites for their small businesses and actually saw the value in what they were getting that they wanted to pay. I was shocked! I realized then how important having a professional and attractive website is to a growing business. And you can’t have an amazing website without amazing branding so I decided to add that to my list of superpowers, lol. 

I eventually decided that I’d like to help other female-owned small businesses to grow and make money by giving their products and ideas a beautiful place to live online. My websites and branding are unique because I have a marketing background and I focus on converting people and attracting your target audience. 

I can’t wait to learn your story and help you to move to the next phase in your business. Fill out my inquiry form on the contact page and let’s chat!

Fun Facts

My favorite food is pepperoni & spinach pizza.

I still sing the Barney clean-up song when I clean.

I'm a huge football fan (go Washington Commandors!)

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